Quick Answer: Does Darth Vader Know He Is Anakin Skywalker?

Did Darth Vader kill Padme?

After Obi-Wan defeats Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel, he brings Padmé to the secret asteroid base Polis Massa.

While physically healthy, Padmé is said to have “lost her will to live” after Vader’s betrayal, and dies soon after delivering twins, Luke and Leia..

Why do Sith eyes turn yellow?

Sith have yellow eyes amongst other ailments as caused by being corrupted by the dark side. Eyes are a window to the soul and the soul of a Sith is fiery and corrupted as shown by their eyes. As well as yellow eyes their skin gets paler and seems as though all the life is being sucked out of them to fuel the dark side.

Does Anakin know he killed Padme?

Anakin believed Obi-Wan had “turned her against him” and began to use the Force to choke Padmé. He stopped before he actually killed her, but Padmé died during childbirth because of a broken heart. She simply lost the will to live.

Why does Vader not recognize c3po?

Late in the film, Darth Vader does not recognize C-3PO who is in Cloud City with Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Leia. … Perhaps, Darth Vader just figures that this is another protocol droid and not C-3PO. Obviously, C-3PO does not recognize Vader because his memory was wiped at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

Does Vader love Padme?

Despite everything that happened to him, Darth Vader is still Anakin Skywalker (Luke proved that in Episode VI), and Anakin loves Padme. It is that love (and the need to save her) that ultimately drove him to the dark side. And no matter what happens, you can’t just destroy love with a single act.

Why did Anakin fall in love with Padme?

Padme loves Anakin because he levels with her. Because they are different, but understand each other. Because he is a handsome, strong, and respectable member of a prestigious order.

Who is the most powerful Jedi ever?

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!Kit Fisto. … Mace Windu. … Qui-Gon Jinn. … Luke Skywalker. … Rey Skywalker. … Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. … Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan, or “Ben,” Kenobi is still one of the strongest Jedi to ever carry a lightsaber. … Yoda. The delightful and powerful Yoda takes the top spot here!More items…•

Did Vader ever recognize r2d2?

Originally Answered: Does Darth Vader remember R2D2? If we take this question directly as asked, yes Darth Vader remembers who R2D2 is. The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels are one of the few things considered canon outside of the movies, by Disney. … Old Ben Kenobi tells Luke that Vader killed his father.

Why did r2 not recognize Yoda?

Originally Answered: Why does R2D2 , not recognize Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back even after he has been around him during the Clone Wars, and up to the fall of the Jedi? Because R2 has never met Yoda before and the prequels are a bad hallucination someone had later after eating a bad mushroom.

Did Anakin know Padme give birth?

Padme was pregnant when Anakin killed her (or so he believes) — he has no knowledge of her having given birth and as far as I can tell, he thinks she died before giving birth.

Who is more powerful Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker?

Vader is more powerful than Anakin. It depends on how you define power. Anakin Skywalker had the potential to be twice as powerful as Palpatine, but he also tended to use his raw power as a crutch, which allowed those with less power but more experience (Dooku and Kenobi) to defeat him.

Does Anakin cheat on Padme?

I’ve heard that Anakin thought that Padme had gotten with Obi Wan in the book version of Revenge Of The Sith and that’s what led to choking her. No, she did not. … So he fears Padme rejecting him by cheating on him, he fears losing her to another person.

Did Vader know Padme give birth?

Also, he wouldn’t have known about Luke either. In fact, no one knew that Padmé had even given birth. The only ones that knew the full truth were Obi-Wan, Yoda and Bail Organa. … Vader puts together that this Skywalker must’ve been his son, and then tries to prevent anyone from telling the emperor, but failed.

Does Darth Vader know Luke is his son?

During the Battle of Yavin, it’s fairly clear that Vader does not know that Luke is his son. … And he isn’t surprised when the Emperor later indicates that Luke is the son of Anakin: PALPATINE: The Force is strong with him. The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi.

How did Darth Vader not know Leia was his daughter?

Vader couldn’t sense Leia was his daughter because he couldn’t even sense Luke was his son until he’d heard of him. Fans will distort the power of the Force because they want Star Wars to be as fanciful as it is formidable in their imaginative lives.

Does Vader remember Padme?

Darth Vader remembers Anakin’s wife; Padmé.

Does Darth Vader remember being Anakin?

How much does Darth Vader remember from being Anakin? … Vader remembers everything, but he doesnt like to remember it. He considers the Jedi to be weak and single minded while the Sith could branch out and give him far more options than the Jedi could, or rather would.

Does Darth Vader find out he didn’t kill Padme?

Darth Vader learned about Padme’s death during one of the last scenes of Episode III The Revenge of the Sith, when the newly-proclaimed Emperor Palpatine tells Vader that he killed her in his anger.