How Do Kpop Idols Keep Their Armpits Clean?

Do BTS shave their legs?

Yes, BTS does shave their leg hair, mostly when they are wearing shorts..

How do kpop idols afford expensive clothes?

If the idols aren’t making enough to pay for high end brands themselves then the company pays for their clothes. The company could also have a large clothing collective wardrobe that all members share as seen in this NCT Daily video: … Brand deals are also another way they might get expensive clothing.

Do kpop idols have periods?

A lot of female K-Pop idols and even male idols have talked about this issue before, and from what I have gathered is that during promotion female idols take certain hormonal pills to delay their period. On the other hand a lot of them also have irregular periods due to stress and dieting.

How do kpop idols remove body hair?

Idols deal with body hair through waxing and laser hair removal. … For hair on the legs, arms, and face, they usually just use a regular razor or eyebrow razor.

How do kpop idols get white skin?

Many (almost all) Kpop stars and Korean actors/actresses go through various skin bleaching (creams/pills/skin peelings), dieting, and surgeries before debuting. As others said on here they avoid the sun at all costs and it’s pretty funny to watch.

Why do female Kpop idols wear blankets?

Korean women sit with blankets on their knees. K-pop idols, TV show guests, and regular people use them in cafes, restaurants, and other public places. They do it in order to not reveal anything when wearing a mini skirt and also protect their private space because a blanket is a symbol of modesty.

Do kpop idols use tampons?

Many idols use tampons because they feel clean. But we do a lot of variety shows, reality shows where you go on overnight trips, and playing games at water parks on Dream Team. Then we take birth control pills. We don’t have a choice because they film for a long time.

How do kpop idols glow up?

7 Easy Ways To Appear More Attractive, That K-Pop Idols UseSkincare. The first step to looking like an idol is beautifully clean skin! … Hairstyle. You can choose to follow a trend, but the best option would be to get a hairstyle that matches the shape and size of your face. … Keep things light. … Keep things fitted. … Exercise. … Eyebrows. … Dance.

Do BTS members wax their legs?

Of course they wax their legs. All idols do. They wax all body hair. … What would ARMY/fans think if BTS shows facial hair?

What do female Kpop idols wear under their shorts?

Those garment were called “safety shorts.” Most of the famous K-Pop female idols will be wearing it under their stage outfits during their hot & sexy dancing/singing great show performances. Safety shorts is actually not an underwear.

What bras do dancers wear?

Usually, you wear a push up bra with funky design on the outside to increase your sensuality while you dance. A push up bra will also provide the needed support. Today, you can find a push up sport bra in the market so easily. For other dancing styles, it is usually the sports bra that you will need.

Why do kpop idols never sweat?

Well koreans have a gene that doesnt allow them to sweat as much as others. Most lack the ABCC11 gene. … Many idols also many sweat but it’s just not shown due to the color of their clothing, layers, cant catch them still enough to see it or the lighting.

How do kpop idols have clean armpits?

There are products that make it (your hair) dry. Or there’s powder. … She also explained that idols often remove their armpit hair through laser hair removal and suggested that it’s better to get it done when you’re young.

Do kpop idols get to keep their clothes?

Rarely, Idols keep the clothes they wear from performances and events because it is only worn once and not worn again. Wardrobe department usually keeps them in storage. But if they are sponsored (or pulled from various brands), they will be returned after.

Do kpop idols wear bras?

Honestly, we’ll probably never know because I doubt any female idol will ever show her bra to the public, but I think it’s safe to say that they either wear sport bras (while training) or high-quality bras (on TV-shows/ during interviews/ on stage) that offer them the much needed support while performing.

Do male kpop idols shave their armpits?

While the most obvious way to do this is to just shave it off, for idols such isn’t the case. … If you’ve noticed how transparent idols’ armpits are, much like their face skin, it’s actually also due to a special treatment they get.

Do BTS shave their armpits?

BTS is a group made up of seven men, all of whom are 21 years old or older. So, yes, of course they have armpit hair. It’s inevitable. Sometimes they’ll shave it off.

Do Korean guys have leg hair?

Arms and legs are fine for the guys. Females shave their legs if they have visible hair growth (some just don’t have much hair). Underarm hair, most females and some males shave. Chest hair is rarely seen, Koreans don’t have much body hair.

Why do kpop idols wear harnesses?

Harnesses, for practical purposes, are used for security whether it’s for rock-climbing, bungee-jumping, or keeping your child from running away. In the K-pop scene however, it seems to only serve the purpose of aesthetics.

How do kpop idols not have facial hair?

Originally Answered: Why do K-Pop Idols not have facial hair? They do have facial hair, they just shave to achieve more of a clean, more ideal look. Also, Koreans generally think a beard looks ugly or they don’t like men who have hairy beards.

Do kpop idols have armpit hair?

Most of the time, female Kpop idols are required to either shave or wax hair, that includes: arms,legs, facial area,eyebrows and armpits as they wear clothes that show a lot of skin. While on the other hand, males can shave or wax too. … Armpit hair, they’re just people like us. Yes, females have too.