Question: Is Debilitation A Word?

What is debilitation?


The depletion or sapping of strength or energy: attenuation, depletion, devitalization, enervation, enfeeblement, impoverishment..

Is Disabilitated a word?

As for disabilitated, it’s a word, too—indeed a more popular word (to judge from Google Books match frequency) than the much older disabilitation. The most problematic thing about disabilitated from a reader’s perspective is that it seems never to have been comprehensively and coherently defined.

What is debilitated patient?

Debilitate: To impair the strength of or to enfeeble. A chronic progressive disease may debilitate a patient.

What is a synonym for debilitate?

Some common synonyms of debilitate are cripple, disable, enfeeble, sap, undermine, and weaken.

How do you use debilitate in a sentence?

Debilitate sentence examplesIt is expected that the illness will debilitate him for at least another week. … The self-defense class taught how to debilitate an attacker in any dangerous situation. … A scientist recently discovered a drug that can quickly debilitate the growth of cancer cells.More items…

How do you spell debilitated?

verb (used with object), de·bil·i·tat·ed, de·bil·i·tat·ing. to make weak or feeble; enfeeble: The siege of pneumonia debilitated her completely.

What does exalted mean?

to raise in rank, honor, power, character, quality, etc.; elevate: He was exalted to the position of president. to praise; extol: to exalt someone to the skies.

How do you read a kundali chart?

How To Read Your Vedic KundaliAries is denoted by the number 1.Taurus is denoted by the number 2.Gemini is denoted by the number 3.Cancer is denoted by the number 4.Leo is denoted by the number 5.Virgo is denoted by the number 6.Libra is denoted by the number 7.Scorpio is denoted by the number 8.More items…

What does debility mean in medical terms?

General debility is a state of general weakness or feebleness that may be a result or an outcome of one or more medical conditions that produce symptoms such as pain, fatigue, cachexia and physical disability, or deficits in attention, concentration, memory, development and/or learning.