Question: Does ITZY Still Go To School?

Who is the youngest in ITZY?

YunaITZY maknae/youngest member is Yuna.

She trained for three years..

Does ITZY have a lightstick?

Unboxing ITZY Light Ring Official Lightstick / Quick Look.

Is YEJI older than Lia?

Lia is 19. Yeji, the unnie and the leader, is also 19. Which makes those two, the unnie line.

How did ryujin get into ITZY?

Ryujin is a rapper, dancer and vocalist for ITZY. … Ryujin explained that she was at a fan event for GOT7 (another JYP act) when a scout asked her for her number while they were waiting in line for the restrooms. “I went to GOT7’s concert, and someone asked for my number in front of the restrooms, so I gave it to them.

Does ITZY have a dating ban?

No, literally none of the members of ITZY have boyfriends. First of all, there is literally not any evidence to show that they’re dating. Second of all, they have a dating ban for three years.

Who is the prettiest in ITZY?

RyujinWithout a doubt I think the prettiest member of Itzy is Ryujin. She’s just beautiful.

They are getting more popular after getting and booking shows in the United States. In the case of Itzy, a rookie girl group, there is a big chance that they will make it as big as Blackpink. These two groups are often get compared mainly because they have both the bad girl concept and kind of vibe.

Are ITZY members Rich?

ITZY has at least 3 members who come from rich families. Among them, Ryujin was born and grew up in Gangnam, one of the most expensive areas in Korea. … Even though these are just unconfirmed information, everyone is still curious and admired the rich family background of ITZY’s members.

Is ITZY copying Blackpink?

Artists who draw or paint also create their style with which people recognize them easily between dozens of other artists. And the fact with Blackpink and Itzy is that, now, Itzy’s stylist is former Blackpink ones so people are obviously seeing some similarities of how the groups are/were dressed.

Will ITZY beat twice?

Maybe. Most likely. Both groups are from JYP, but there are several differences. Itzy is a roookie group, yet twice debuted in 2015.

How tall is ITZY Lia?

1.62 mLia/Height

What grade is Yuna ITZY?

She was a floorball player from 5th to 8th grade and wore a uniform number 7.

How long was Yuna a trainee?

3 yearsYuna. She trained for 3 years. She also appeared in BTS’ Highlight Reels (She was Jungkook’s pair) (2017).

How old is ITZY?

YunaBirthdayDec. 9, 2003Age16ZodiacSagittariusChinese zodiacSheepHeight170cm (5’6″)4 more rows

How old is Jungkook?

23 years (September 1, 1997)Jungkook/Age