Quick Answer: Who Wrote Bob Seger Songs?

Who is Bob Seger’s wife?

Juanita Dorricottm.

1993Annette Sinclairm.

1987–1988Renee Andriettim.

1968–1969Bob Seger/Wife.

How much does Bob Seger make per concert?

The highest ranking new entry is Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, with an average gross of $1.4 million per market appearance, good enough to get No.

What is Bob Seger’s biggest hit?

ShakedownSeger’s biggest hit of all time is the lead single from the 1987 film Beverly Hills Cop II, “Shakedown,” which earned the rock star his first (and only) No. 1 hit on the Hot 100 chart (dated Aug. 1, 1987).

What is Bob Seger worth?

$60 million dollarsBob Seger Net Worth: Bob Seger is an American rock and roll singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist who has a net worth of $60 million dollars.

How old is Bob Seger now?

75 years (May 6, 1945)Bob Seger/Age

Where was turn the page recorded?

TCF CenterDetroitTurn the Page/Recorded

Who sang the song like a rock?

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandLike a Rock/Artists”Like a Rock” is a song written by American singer-songwriter Bob Seger. The single peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks.

Is Bob Seger a nice guy?

He described him as a “down-to-earth guy, really nice guy. He was local, gritty, bluesy.” The rest of the country discovered Seger in 1976 with the combination of “Live Bullet” and “Night Moves,” each of which sold 5 million copies.

Did Bob Seger write all of his songs?

“Old Time Rock and Roll” is one of just a few songs Bob recorded but didn’t write. However, he reportedly did write most of the lyrics, only he didn’t take any songwriting credit, which means he doesn’t make any money when it’s used in movies or on TV.

What song did Bob Seger wrote for the Eagles?

Heartache TonightGlenn Frey & Eagles’ Biggest Billboard Hits Seger — who co-wrote the Eagles’ 1979 hit “Heartache Tonight” — remained close to Frey throughout the years, hanging out whenever Frey returned to Michigan.

Who are the current members of the Silver Bullet Band?

From the initial 1974 Silver Bullet Band lineup, Chris Campbell on bass and saxophonist Alto Reed remain in the current incarnation, entering their 45thyears as Seger’s sidemen.

Who is Bob Seger’s father?

Stewart SegerBob Seger/Fathers

Does Bob Seger tour anymore?

Seger has announced his last tour — a six-month run with the Silver Bullet Band that will launch Nov. 21 in Grand Rapids. At 73, he’s turning the final page on a concert legacy that began as a teenager in southeastern Michigan. While he may continue recording, Seger says this is the end of his touring career.

Does Bob Seger play the piano?

Robert Clark Seger (/ˈsiːɡər/, born May 6, 1945) is an American singer, songwriter and musician….Bob SegerInstrumentsVocals guitar pianoYears active1961–1996, 2000-presentLabelsHideout Cameo Capitol Palladium8 more rows

Is Bob Seger sick?

But now his hands were tingling, and the MRI results were startling: Seger had ruptured a disc in his neck. His spinal cord was severely pinched. That medical evaluation, undisclosed until now, would ultimately lead to an intense spinal surgery, interrupting a tour Seger now hopes to restart in the spring.

Who wrote Turn the page by Bob Seger?

“Turn the Page” is a song originally released by Bob Seger in 1973 on his Back in ’72 album….Turn the Page (Bob Seger song)”Turn the Page”Songwriter(s)Bob SegerProducer(s)Punch Andrews Bob Seger8 more rows

Who wrote the song Hotel California?

Glenn FreyDon FelderDon HenleyHotel California/Composers