Question: What Is Your Name In Irish?

How do you spell names in Irish?

How to Pronounce Popular Irish Names – Aoife, Cian, Niamh, OisinAoife is pronounced EE-fa.Caoimhe is pronounced KEE-va or KWEE-va.

*Ciara is pronounced KEE-ar-a or KEE-ra.

*Maeve is pronounced MAYV.Niamh is pronounced NEE-av or NEEV.Saoirse is pronounced SEER-sha or SAIR-sha.Sinead (Sinéad) is pronounced shi-NAYD..

Can I use my Irish name?

If you want to use your Irish version of your name, just use it…its your name. Your best bet is to get your birth certificate re registered with both versions of your name on it.

What is Jessica in Irish?

Jessica in Irish is Sinéad.

How do I change my name in Ireland?

A Deed Poll is used to in Ireland change your name legally and can be applied for by anyone 18 years of age and over. Parents can apply to change their child’s name by Deed Poll and Adolescents (14-17 years of age) can apply with the written consent of their parents.

Is mise Irish?

Mise le meas (in full is mise le meas, Irish, ‘it is I, with respect’). A formal phrase meaning ‘yours respectfully’, ‘truly’, ‘sincerely’, at the end of a letter.

What is the Irish name for Mary?

MáireMary in Irish is Máire.

What is Olivia in Irish?

Olivia in Irish is Oilibhia.

What are traditional Irish names?

Irish Girls Names:Aoife (ee-fa) This name means beautiful, radiant or joyful, and likely derives from the Gaelic word ‘aoibh’ meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘pleasure. … Caoimhe (kwee-va or kee-va) … Saoirse (ser-sha) … Ciara (kee-ra) … Niamh (neev or nee-iv) … Roisin (ro-sheen) … Cara. … Clodagh (cloda)More items…

What’s the most Irish name?

MurphyMurphy, which has been Ireland’s most popular surname for more than 100 years, retains the top spot. Kelly claims the number two position, followed by Byrne and Ryan.