Quick Answer: What Is The SMP Earth IP?

Who created SMP earth?

SMPEarth is a Minecraft server with 100+ content creators on a 1:3000 scale map of Earth, created by the likes of jeff and ur mom..

What does SMP stand for?

sexual marketplaceSMP is an acronym for the term sexual marketplace, and is often used in male-dominated conversations, or in the “manosphere.” Related words: NAWALT. AFC.

Is SMP live scripted?

Everything that happens on SMP Live was an orchestrated event scripted by Carson months in advance.

What is the IP address for SMP earth?

SMP EarthLast Ping:163369 minutes agoServer IP: Version:[20w22a]Players Online:0 / 158 more rows•Feb 8, 2020

Can you download SMP earth?

The world download is located at https://cloud.smpearth.com. … The world download is the backup of the server made prior to the SMPEarth Hunger Games on Day 135.

How big is the SMP Earth map?

1:3000 scaleAbout SMPEarth SMPEarth is a Minecraft server with a 1:3000 scale map of Earth.

What is ants Minecraft server?

The Ant Network is a brand new server, that would like to welcome all types of players! As of right now we are a 1.8. 9 Faction server, however we have great plans to expand to several other game modes in the near future!

Who is Callahan dream SMP?

Callahan is a coder and server moderator who is a friend of the Dream Team. His birthday is January 19, 1997 [Age 23]. He is a part of the group’s SMP server. He is known for not speaking, and viewers have yet to hear his voice or see his face.

Who owns SMPLive?

CallMeCarsonCallMeCarson (full name Carson King) is a popular YouTuber, E-Girl, Professional iPhone 8 ball god, Twitch streamer, and the creator and owner of the SMPLive server. He is notable for gathering older Minecraft YouTubers and revitalizing Minecraft through SMPLive.

Is Carson on SMP earth?

CallMeCarson is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who temporarily joined the SMPEarth server. He does not plan to be a part of it, but he has gone down in SMPEarth history as the man who single-handedly screwed over the economy after less than a hour of being on the server.

How does the SMP program work?

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) With SMP, you participate in both the Guard and your college’s ROTC program at the same time. During this two-year course, you’ll be paired with and mentored by a unit officer, and get paid to drill once a month with your Guard unit.

Can you join SMP earth?

Now, we’re a public Minecraft Earth server, allowing everyone to build on a 1:3000 scale map of the earth! Join our server today at play.smpearth.com!

What is Antsters server IP?


Is SMP earth public?

SMPEarth Public Server About SMPEarth Public is the successor to SMPEarth, a creators-only exclusive private server developed by Chip and JoshA20. It is a server that features a 1:3000 scale replica of the Earth as the overworld, powered by DedicatedMC. The public server had undergone beta phase in February 2020.

Is SMP live ending?

Location. The Finale was the end of SMPLive. An event which lasted from December 31st, 2019 near midnight to early January 1st, 2020, where SMPLive officially ended with the best finale that could have happened.

Who is on SMP live?

CallMeCarson.Jschlatt.Traves.Cscoop.AntVenom.ConnorEatsPants.Junky Janker.Ted Nivison.More items…

How do I get SMP live server?

SMPLive is a private minecraft server dedicated to streaming. Founded by CallMeCarson on March 1st, 2019. In order to play on the server, you have to be streaming while you play. While playing, viewers can donate to the streamer and place a hit on someone else who is also playing.

Is SMP Earth active?

We decided to take down the site in order to upgrade security 🙂 The website is now back up and running without any issues – download our maps over at cloud.smpearth.com ! Private map coming soon – need to do some final fixes 😉