Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Get A CSCS Card?

Which CSCS card do I need?

The Green Labourer Card is the basic CSCS card you will need to gain to get on a construction site.

To obtain the card, you must pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test in the last 2 years and complete one of the below level 1 classroom courses..

Is CSCS test hard?

The CSCS exam is simply very difficult. They also have an extremely steep retest fee for it. Make sure to pick up a fantastic study guide in practice tests in order to make sure you pass on the first try. Check out my free CSCS study materials here.

How much is CSCS Card 2020?

CSCS cards cost £36 and the separate CITB Health, safety and environment test costs £21.

Can I do CSCS test online?

Booking a CSCS test is straightforward and can be done online or by telephone. You should be able to get an appointment for your test at the CSCS test centre of your choice within two weeks. When booking, you will be offered a test date and time immediately.

Can I get a CSCS card with no qualifications?

Applicants without CSCS recognised qualifications can still get a CSCS card if they provide evidence of registration onto a recognised qualification. The cards available are: Trainee. Apprentice.

What Colour CSCS card do I need?

White and Yellow or White and Grey cards are for Professionally Qualified Persons (like surveyors) who need access to construction sites. Yellow Cards are for visitors and simply denote that they have passed a Basic CSCS Test.

How long is a CSCS card valid for?

five yearsHow long your CSCS card lasts depends on the card you’re applying for, but most cards last for five years. When you get your card it’ll show an expiry date.

What happens if I fail my CSCS test?

A candidate who fails the exam may reregister for the CSCS Exam. Candidates who fail the exam (or one section of the CSCS Exam) are eligible to retest after a 90-day waiting period.

How much does it cost to book CSCS test?

You can book online or you can call the information and booking line on 0344 994 4488. You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay the £21 fee and either your NI (national insurance) number or a CITB or CSCS registration number.

How can I get a CSCS card for free?

Remember, to qualify for a FREE CSCS card from Construction Helpline you need to:Check to see if your job role is covered by CSCS.Pass the Health safety and environment test.Register for Construction NVQ or SVQ with Construction Help Line.Complete an NVQ or SVQ profiling session.

How much does a CSCS course cost?

CSCS Exam Registration FeesMember Rate*Non-Member RateRegistration Fee$340$475Retake Fee for Both Sections$340$475Retake Fee for One Section$250$385

Is it worth getting a CSCS card?

Carrying a CSCS card benefits your employer by not only proving to clients that your competency has been checked, but contractors are also assured that you are qualified. This guarantees that on-site productivity and health and safety management improves.

How much is a CSCS test 2019?

The standard fee for a CSCS card is £36 and the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test costs £21. He says: “Our helpdesk regularly receives complaints from people who have been charged significant amounts over and above the standard fees.

How do I get a CSCS card?

How do I apply for a CSCS card?Pass the appropriate level CITB Health, safety and environment Test for your occupation. … If you need to have passed a qualification to apply for a CSCS card please send a copy of your qualification to apply@cscs.co.uk. … Call 0344 994 4777 and pay £36 using a credit or debit card.

How long does CSCS course take?

Priestman Associates offer a 1- 5 day course which covers health and safety essentials on a construction site for new-starters, apprentices and labourers in the construction industry. This qualification is accepted by CSCS as a means of applying for the green Labourer Card.

How much does a green CSCS card cost?

The CSCS Card itself costs £36 in addition to the HS&E test and can be paid for over the phone. To apply for most CSCS cards, applicants must: Email a copy of their qualification certificate or registration to cscs@citb.co.uk. Call 0344 994 4777 and pay £36 using a credit or debit card.